5 Best Smartwatches to Make Your Lives Easier

It is interesting to have one of the best Smartwatches today. You will be notified by incoming calls, texts, social-network updates, and instant messages. What is more, they offer something different from the basic features they have.

The big question now is on how to choose the best from the Smartwatches available. Here we introduce you to the Smartwatches reviews that can guide you throughout the buying process.

At a Glance: Our Choices for Best Smartwatches

GarmiinFenix 5S PlusA multi-sport and smaller-sized GPS Smartwatch, this can do an estimate of your heart rate just at your wrist. It also highlights color TOPO maps that feature the trend line routing so that you could follow and find the best routes.

WXXJB Smart Watch. This Smartwatch is highlighted as the best for its Bluetooth function, support of running games, support of remote shooting of video chat photos, and support of different sports styles for scientific analysis.

Garmin D2 Delta PX. This GPS aviator watch is irresistible, marking its aviation functions of NEXRAD weather, color mapping, automatic flight logging, airport data, connectivity with selected avionics, alerts, and many more.

Reviews of the Best Smartwatches

Product Features
GarmiinFenix 5S Plus

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➡ ColorTopo maps & heart monitoring
➡ Up to 7 days Battery Performance
➡ Fit For Adventure
WXXJB Smart Watch
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➡ Multi-function & round screen camera
➡ No need to be charged as often
➡ Scratch-resistant and Water-resistant
➡ Fit for Running games
Music Playing
Garmin D2 Delta PX
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➡ NEXRAD weather &colot mapping
➡ Up to 20 days Battery Performance
➡ Fit for Navigation

GarmiinFenix 5S Plus

This multi-sport GPS Smartwatch is a must-have for its features of heart rate monitoring, color topo maps, white and rose gold, and music and pay. Its bold design sets it different from the rest, including its features of stainless steel bezel and sunlight-kind of the readable display. It is remarkable for being compatible with Android and iPhone.




  • “I absolutely love this Smartwatch as it helped me find my way back to the base. It also has provided some valuable information on different occasions.  I liked the feature of the Plus model, which is the music. There is no need for me to pull the phone out of the pack just so I can manage the music.”
Things we like
  • Awesome features
  • Accurate Sensors
  • Good Battery Life
Things we didn’t like
  • Open water feature tracking fails to work
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Casio Men’s ‘PRO TREK’ Quartz Resin Outdoor Smartwatch

Consider this a perfect companion for your chosen outdoor activity. This comes fully-functional of color mapping and built-in GPS features. Track and navigate all you want with all the downloadable maps to be used even if you go offline. Its built-in sensors allow you to monitor the barometric pressure, altitude, and compass directions.




  • “I loved the killer feature of Dual LCD layers. This is the watch that I loved due to its good upgrade. It also boasts an extremely long life of the battery. This works well even if it has no enough battery left. It is indeed durable that it goes beyond the IP ratings.” “I am amazed by this watch that it is indeed better-looking when seen in person and in the picture.”
Things we like
  • Neat Concept
  • Scratch-resistant and attractive sapphire crystal
  • Excellent features
Things we didn’t like
  • Poor Implementation
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Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Get into the path of a smarter and stronger life with this Smartwatch worn at your wrist. Stay active with its Bluetooth connection and built-in health tracking. It can go as used for several days, even without charging.

Pursue realism with this watch that also offers a stylish watch face. It is up to you, too, to choose from a selection of interchangeable bands. It also pairs with iOS Smartphones and Android by way of Bluetooth connection.



  • This has indeed exceeded my expectations. This watch allowed me to forget the Apple Watch I bought. This stepped-up that this is something of a superior product. Thanks for this great watch.”
Things we like
  • Very Nice
  • Works Well
  • Fits Nicely
Things we didn’t like
  • Incompatibility with All Other Applications
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WXXJB Smart Watch

The WXXJB Smart Watch reviews feature a multi-function and round screen camera sports that make it a good choice for you. This best supports dust-proof kind of running games, the shooting of video chat photos. While it also features video software that can play any form of APP software.

Its ceramic bezel featured is resistant to scratch and wear and tear process. Its strap can also be detached while it is backed by 620mAh size of a case of 49-millimeter and 1.3GHZ quad-core form of processor battery.


  • “This is something that I loved for its round screen type of camera sports. I just am happy that this one is the best choice for me. I could shoot video chat photos while it supports my game of running. I could also play any APP software because of this.”
Things we like
  • Resistant to Wear
  • Satellite Positioning
  • Multi-function
Things we didn’t like
  • None, So Far
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Garmin D2 Delta PX

With Aviation functions that include the NEXRAD weather, dynamic color mapping, automatic flight logging, airport data, connectivity with selected avionics, alerts, and more, the Garmin D2 Delta PX is indeed a good way to go.




  •  “I just liked everything else about it. This is superb, especially if you buy the silicon protectors.”
Things we like
  • Well-Made
  • Great Battery Life
  • Good Functionality
Things we didn’t like
  • None, so far
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Buying Guide

Below are the smart tips to consider when it comes to buying Smartwatches to make your life a lot easier and better.

  • Affordability — Get a suitable Smartwatch that can be attained in just a reasonable amount. For as long as there is a high resolution or a fancy display, and simple design, it already is enough to do a great job.
  • Modern w/ Lots of Features — It should be constructed with premium and quality materials making it all the more pleasing.
  • Good Battery Life and Budget-friendly — Its latest features should make the Smartwatch more stunning as a device. Plus, its high-end materials and components must undoubtedly and acceptably of quality.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight— The watch to consider should be lightweight and relaxed as it is the most needed features of a Sportsman.
  • Good Build Quality— Nice quality and a fine piece of work are what you need to find for a Smartwatch.


The Smartwatches reviews presented enlighten you towards obtaining the best Smartwatch to wear. What we highlight as the best options are the Garmin D2 Delta PX, WXXJB Smart Watch, and Casio Men’s ‘PRO TREK’ Quartz Resin Outdoor Smartwatch. This is true in terms of unique features, battery performance, and intended purpose. The listed Smartwatches are still a perfect fit for different kinds of activities.